Financial Services


Get retail and corporate banking products, including assorted retail and corporate accounts, different kinds of personal and group loans, consumer asset loans, cash and mobile-enabled remittances, fixed deposit etc. Experience leading-edge products delivered with passion.

Stock Brokerage, Corporate Finance and Advisory Services

With this investment, we diversify funds of clients by buying stocks in both listed and unlisted companies. Every single decision to invest in stocks comes from diligent and extensive analyses of companies on and off the Ghana Stock Exchange. We invest your hard-earned funds wisely.


We also offer wise financial counsel on areas such as mergers and acquisitions, financial due diligence, corporate and financial restructuring, corporate valuation, and project evaluation.

Wealth / Asset Management

This involves the provision of tailor-made investment management services. Your funds are diversified and managed to achieve your specific investment objectives.


We also operate pension schemes, provident, welfare as well as mutual funds.

Rural Banking

CDH is keen to support the equitable development of Ghana by bridging the rural-urban divide. We boost the growth of various rural communities nationwide, by investing in profitable rural banks, and by empowering such banks to deliver much needed products and services to rural communities.

Collective Investment Schemes

The clients’ funds are pooled together, based on common investment objectives, and invested in the long-term. Some key investment schemes operated by CDH are the CDH Balanced Fund and the CDH Money Market Fund.

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